About OpenFeel

A Singapore-based software house.

Who We Are

OpenFeel is a local enterprise established since 2002. The company started off as a sole proprietorship providing software development service.
As of today, we have assisted several local small and medium enterprises in automating their operation. We have also provided our services to several MNCs and government agencies.

To make life easier with the solution we deliver, that's our passion.

The company focuses on delivering customised solutions based on clients' requirements. To date, OpenFeel has developed a wide range of software solutions.

OpenFeel is committed to working closely with our clients to deliver quality solution and establish long-term relationship. We are proud to have our clients feedback positively on our service quality and the value we provide.


Deliver quality solutions


Establish long-term relationship


Positive feedbacks

OpenFeel is an approved government vendor for the following supply headings:

  • Computer Related Hardware, Software, and Services (EPU/CMP/10)
  • Service (Consultant) (EPU/SER/34)
  • Office Equipment and Supplies, Computer Supplies (EPU/OFE/10)
  • Service (Data Entry, Supply of Manpower) (EPU/SER/19)