18 February 2020-Singapore
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OpenFeel can assist organisations at different levels in their software development and implementation needs. If you like to find out more feel free to contact us.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

For SMEs, we can assist in implementing an integrated information system covering the operation of the company. Common benefits include improved operation efficiency and effectiveness, cost savings, improved management visibility and control, increased business opportunity, enable new service offerings and improved staff morale.

Large Enterprises

We work with large enterprises in implementing departmental wide or functional systems. Or work with R&D departments in their product development.

Our work has been deployed worldwide in the form of different deployments across regional centers or sold as part of client's products and services.


We have worked with several government agencies in implementing systems adhering to their stringent requirements. We provide established software implementation process ensuring quality and are also able to conform to government's security and quality standards and processes if required.

We are an approved government vendor for the following supply headings:

• Computer Related Hardware, Software, and Services (EPU/CMP/10)
• Service (Consultant) (EPU/SER/34)
• Office Equipment and Supplies, Computer Supplies (EPU/OFE/10)
• Service (Data Entry, Supply of Manpower) (EPU/SER/19)