18 February 2020-Singapore
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Our Software Services

OpenFeel services centers mainly around software development and consultation. Find out more about our services below, and feel free to contact us if you need to know more.

Business Information System Implementation

We assist organisation in implementing information system from conceptualisation, design, development to deployment and subsequent maintenance and enhancements. The main objectives of such implementation are usually to automate existing manual process, revamp outdated system or enhance existing information systems.

The information system can range from online web portal with multiple online services, other form of web application for internal or external use, hybrid or native mobile application, thick client intranet application or desktop application.

Our client can leverage on our established application framework and development methodology, to ensure quality, speed and value.

Example of the system can be workflow automation or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system covering quotation, sales order, job order, job scheduling, job tracking, delivery order, invoicing and management report generation.

Project Consultation and Management in IT and Computerisation

OpenFeel provides consultation and management of IT implementation projects. With established consultation process, the client is assured a professional service and quality.

Software Development

Our company also provides general software development services based on client's requirements. These works are commonly for outsourced software development for R&D outfit or other software houses.